Full List of Signatures


Wayne Hilsden Israel, 08/22
Henry Tan Singapore, 08/22
David Hamilton United States, 08/22
Ram Gidoomal United Kingdom, 08/22
Craig Keener United States, 08/22
Arika Siahay Indonesia, 08/22
Valerii Zhadan Russia, 08/22
Chris Mitchell United States, 08/22
Timothy King Israel, 08/22
Sharon Alley Israel, 08/22
Joanna Johnson United Kingdom, 08/22
Robert Wiebe Canada, 08/22
Cameron Mayhill United States, 08/22
AnonymousRwanda, 07/22
Jane Pleace United Kingdom, 07/22
Samuel Chiang United States, 07/22
David Swarr 4.2.20 Foundation, 07/22
Sharon Swarr United States, 07/22
Tim King Israel, 07/22
Ricki Gidoomal Israel, 07/22
Randall Buth South Africa, 07/22
John Chesnut United States, 07/22
Jessica Tanoesoedibjo Indonesia, 07/22
Linda Bemis United States, 07/22
Aaron Hornkohl Indonesia, 07/22
Adam van Goor United States, 07/22


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